Saturday, May 24, 2014

weekend meyer lemon cake recipe♪

It called "Le week-end citron" in French I believe, which was named so 
because it remains fresh and delicious all weekend long.

This moist,lemony and flavorful cake would be just perfect to serve with weekend afternoon tea or on Sunday brunch especially for summer season.
I always use my beloved lemon, "meyer lemons" to make this cake.
They are sweeter and more aromatic than regular lemons and I think the zest of
the meyer lemons have the most wonderful citrus aroma.
Adding both the juice and the zest makes this cake very lemony and flavorful.
Just make sure to zest only the top yellow peel and not the white pith underneath;)

Hope you'll enjoy my recipe and have a great memorial day weekend!

Happy Baking!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Caramel Flan ♪ Recipe ♪♪

One of my all-time favorite dessert from my childhood is flan.
Sweet,creamy and comforting custard with slightly bitter caramel sauce 
simply melt in mouth! I ♥ flan so much!
I think it's a great dessert for any occasion, any time.

Today I'll share my delicious no-bake basic flan recipe.
Simple ingredients and easy-to-follow :)

The most important step of this recipe is straining.
After you mix all the ingredients, strain the mixture with fine strainer and 
remove bits of egg that may have coagulated.
This step is the key to a smooth and silky perfect flan ;)

Hope you'll enjoy my recipe ♪♪