Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yogurt mousse with cherry sauce with recipe♡

Yay! Cherry season has finally arrived.
I'm not sure how much I have been eating cherries last few days.
I (+ my kids) eat them like crazy;) 
♡ cherries!! 

I don't really like to "bake" with them because they are already fantastic on their own.
They are sweet, fresh,juicy and can be just a great snack or dessert as is.
But I have been enjoying making sauces and jams with fruits recently and I decided to make with
cherries for the first time.
 Well, it turned out just wonderful!
 Fruity, rich and bold intense cherry flavor stands out and it was so delicious!
I thought this sweet cherry sauce would be a perfect match with slightly sour yogurt mousse 
and tried that last week.

And yes, successful. 
Sweet cherries and the sourness of the yogurt and lemon was a perfect match!
All of my family enjoyed it so much,too:)
I am sure this would be a one of the best summer dessert.

Hope you'll enjoy my recipe,too!
Just to make sure to strain the plain yogurt the day before you want to make this mousse.
This process makes this mousse creamy, rich and delicious!